Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mummies Article

Art has an article in this issue of
Art Doll Quarterly Feb/Mar/April 2010
It is called
Mummies:Unexpectedly Wrapped
Page 20
We hope you will enjoy the article as
much as Art enjoyed writting it


Norma said...

For those of you interested in reading this article, I could not find the magazine in stores but found it at Barnes and Noble.
It is very interesting and I believe you would not realize the many steps and techniques involved in creating a mummie until you read about it. I found it fascinating and am happy I took the tme to find the magazine and I think you will be too. The many pictures were detailed and special. The eyes are phenomenal as they are in all of Art's bears and animals.
Thank You, Art, for your new and unusual ideas and designs and for creating those wonderful treasures for we collectors to enjoy and love.
Norma said...

I bought Art doll quarterly just becuase of your mummies!! they are really fantastic you should be so proud of them. so neat, thanks for sharing your tecniques.

i want to make something similar into a stop motion film just for practice. i want to make a kind of mummy dust bunny. lol. it should be fun!

Theresa said...

Congratulations Art the article in Art doll was wonderful. :0)

Gail Lackey said...

OMG! Your Mummies are the most adorable thing ever!!! So Clever! I want one!! Congrats on the great article.
Have a SpOOktacular day!

Zoya said...

I actually looked for your web site because of the article. Im in love with Marketa and Morpheus. Great article and fabulous dolls!
Zoya ( another doll maker) :)