Monday, February 16, 2009

The Ballet is on its' way to Tampa!

The Ballet is in town!

Pink Flamingos and Pirates!

The new Large Flamingo design was a perfect fit for a Berdine Creedys' Sereniti.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thanks Norma for the photo of your Art Rogers Creations these are just a few of the many animals Norma has adopted over the years. Please feel free to send us your photos of your Art Rogers creations and we will post them on our blog page.

Thanks Again Norma

Art and George

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oganizing the studio

Fabric shopping in Tokyo has motivated me to clean up my studio and get organized, here are a pics of a few of my fabric shelves after removing all the fabric refolding and adding the new purchases. It may not look like much to you but these shelves seldom look so good. I have taken pics to remind myself how organized the studio can be, let's see how long it takes me to mess this up...

More from Tokyo; Nippori, Fabric Town

On my recent trip to Tokyo I spent half a day in Nippori Fabric Town. A must see for fabric lovers. This is the garment district. The strip is lined with mom & pop fabric shops selling a wide variety of fabric. I highly recommend looking inside each shop, the smaller shops had the best bargains. Tomato is the largest shop and the most popular with floor after floor of fabric, very much how heaven will be. My time was limited and I could only carry so much back on the subway so I moved through each shop quickly looking for any sort of plush or upholstery fabric I could find. My efforts were well rewarded, I walked out of Nippori with smile and a heavy bag of fabric in each hand.

Teddy Bear and Friends

If you have not seen the latest issue of TBF it is worth your while to pick up a copy. No I am not in this issue, but there is a lot of talent in this issue as they have broadened their focus and are spotlighting soft sculpture artists who are working outside the teddy bear box...take a look.