Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creedy/Goodreau Convention 2009

Art and his creations at the Creedy/Goodreau Convention in Orlando

Creedy/Goodreau Convention 2009

Whitby the Rabbit and Alice as the convention Centerpiece

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creedy/Goodreau Convention September 2009

Marian Nancy & Art at the Creedy/Goodreau Convention in Orlando A lot of fun was had by all

Creedy/Goodreau Convention 2009

Dear Invited Artist
Just want to Thank You all for a super duper Convention. Your presents made a big impact on our success. People cannot stop talking in the yahoo groups about how successful it was and everyone wants to come next year again and the ones that could not come , definitely want to join the Creedy/Goodreau Convention in 2010. You all outdone yourself at the brunch with your centerpiece and your table favors. Your quality was outstanding and it was seen by everyone. Thanks so much again, I appreciate your kindness, your big hearts,all your hugs and your friendship. As soon as I have a date for next year, I will certainly let you know so that you can mark it on your calendar. I am breathing, Jackie, so not to worry and I am on a 4 if you all want to know .
Much Kindness