Thursday, January 29, 2009

Art and George,

Supercolossal Brynner has arrived safely and he is !!!!!!! He sure put a smile on my face. In fact he is great!!!! I was real surprised at how perfect he stands. I love those expressive brown eyes and I think they are perfect with his fur color, Art -- love that sort of yellow belly, too. He arrived about a half hour ago and I have been posing him ever since. My bet is everyone will like him when they see him and he will adopt very well. I think he is more amazing in bearson -- his picture does not do him justice.
Thanks, George for the name and what it means -- Love that!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visiting Bear Shops in Tokyo

This is me in front of Dear Bear, a cute little bear shop with a wide variety of manufactured bears and a nice selection of artist bears.

Toyko 2009

Last week while in Tokyo my friend Tamao was kind enough to give me a tour on thursday, this is Tamao in front of the Japan Teddy Bear Roppongi shop. This was a cute little shop with manufactured bears, artist bears and a nice selection of fabrics.

Art and George
Barnard. He arrived safely today thanks to your good packing George.
The vintage wool is really nice -- the feel and the color. I like his expression and he looks at me with those huge eyes and I know he really is "bear wise". He says he has many stories and feelings to share with me. Thanks, Art, for my special treasures -- You are the greatest!!!!! I am so happy I could adopt both Brynner and Barnard. And the others too -- now total of 23 adoptions.
Thank You, too, for the great adoption price on Barnard and the free shipping for both. I really appreciate everything you do.
Hope to hear that everything is ok with you both. Hugs, Norma

Art and George
My new year's bear isn't a bear, but a black and white French bulldog, named Barack (I chose the name--I wonder if Frenchies are hypoallergenic? ) and made by Art Rogers. It is absolutely adorable. I should find the camera. It brings a smile to my face. He is sitting on the bookshelf above my computer.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Birds Just Finished

George & Art,
Well, tonight at 8:00 p.m. Moe & Erwin finally arrived in Columbus after their long journey! You can’t imagine how anxious Madison was for the UPS to arrive (of all days for it to come in the evening!!!) and when it finally did she had tears in her eyes from her excitement! Moe is absolutely the cutest little guy ever & Erwin couldn’t have found a better home because we are complete Disney fanatics!

Your generosity was amazing! It means so much to both of us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Madison so happy. I am attaching a picture of her with Moe, Erwin & Baby Bear.
We will continue to check in on your website & hope to add to her collection very soon!Best wishes Jodi & Madison

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mahalo The Monkey

Lucky Me I Am On My Way To My New Home
In New Mexico To Live With My New
Mom Whose Name Is Meredith
I Heard She Is A Lot Of Fun
Thanks For Adopting Me Mom

New Design For 2009

I Too Am A New Design For 2009
I Am A Standing Bear Who Stands 13 1/2"Tall
If You Are interested In Adopting Me I Am
$325.00 Plus Shipping
Contact Art Or George At

New Design For 2009

I Am A New Duck Design For 2009

my adoption fee is $ 325.00 plus shipping

if interested in adopting me contact

Art or George at